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The Management of Sunroute Hotels, would like to congratulate Rita Bán ,our massage therapist at the Sunflower Hotel, for finishing in 2nd place at the Massage World Championships 2017…

Rita Ban Special Healing Full-body Massage:
(Swedish, Tui Na & Thai mixed technology)
Results in flexibility, inner organ massage, oxygenating of the blood. With the application of pressure to energy point, together with a vast array
of passive stretching movements performed using hands, feet, knees and elbows.
The body will be flexible and energetic.
€35 for 60 mins
€45 for 90 mins

Anti-stress Massage
Full Body Massage
(Lomi-Lomi and Ayurvedic technology)
The full body holistic massage that stimulates circulation, improves skin and muscle
tone whilst soothing tense and tired muscles.
Ayurvedic and Lomi-Lomi massage is designed to restore balance so this combination massage
heals and balances the body to it’s natural state.
€35 for 60 mins
€45 for 90 mins

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage:
€35 for 60 mins
€25 for 30 mins

Leg Massage:
€30 for 45 mins
Malta Healing Massage Therapy

Contact Reception for an appointment
Sunflower Hotel, Triq Garcia de Toledo, Qawra, Malta
Tel:  21575111


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