Massage & Treatment

Special Healing Full-body Massage:
(Swedish, Tui Na & Thai mixed technology)
Results in flexibility, inner organ massage, oxygenating of the blood. With the application of pressure to energy point, together with a vast array
of passive stretching movements performed using hands, feet, knees and elbows.
The body will be flexible and energetic.
€35 for 60 mins
€45 for 90 mins  Full Body Massage
(Lomi-Lomi and Ayurvedic technology)
The full body holistic massage that stimulates circulation, improves skin and muscle
tone whilst soothing tense and tired muscles.
Ayurvedic and Lomi-Lomi massage is designed to restore balance so this combination massage
heals and balances the body to it’s natural state.
€35 for 60 mins
€45 for 90 mins  

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage:
€35 for 60 mins
€25 for 30 mins

Leg Massage:
€30 for 45 mins
Malta Healing Massage Therapy

Contact Reception for an appointment
Sunflower Hotel, Triq Garcia de Toledo, Qawra, Malta
Tel:  21575111


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