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Malta is located right in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea south of Sicily and north of Tunisia. The three islands consist of Malta, Gozo and tiny Comino. The Maltese islands have a vibrant and fascinating history dating back 7,000 years, and there are some of the oldest free-standing stone temples in the world. Due to Malta’s strategic location, it has been occupied by various powers over the years who have left their mark on the island’s culture and architecture. The Knights of St John occupied the islands from 1530 until 1798 and Malta formed part of the British Empire soon after. Malta gained independence in 1964 and ceased to be a British military base in 1979. Must see destinations include the capital Valletta, the ancient fortified city of Mdina, and a short trip across the channel by ferry to Gozo.

St Paul’s Bay

St Paul’s Bay is a traditional fishing village that has become one of the most popular holiday destinations over the years. It’s proximity to the sandy beaches in the North of the island along with easy access to most places of note mean it is a convenient location and springboard to other parts of the island. The area is notable for its variety of shops, places of entertainment and busy nightlife offering something for everyone. The location draws young and old alike due to its diversity.

The Sunflower Hotel is well positioned and nestled in a residential and quiet part of Qawra, a suburb of St Paul’s Bay. Within short walking distance, you can find all the amenities you need with shops and supermarkets, bars, eateries and high-class restaurants. The main bus stop is close by, and taxis are available nearby. The bus routes offer direct access to the most important towns, villages and beaches and the service is dependable and reliable. Daily or weekly bus passes are available and can be obtained easily. Qawra also offers great nightlife, and the area is bustling and lively with all sorts of great entertainment options including a cinema complex, a casino and themed bars and clubs.

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