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Wardija Pool Bar‪‬‬‬

The rooftop terrace is where you will find the unique Wardija Pool Bar, where you can swim right up to the bar and sip your drink while in the water. The terrace is littered with sun beds, umbrellas and there is a separate pool for kids. The stunning views take in the beautiful Maltese countryside and the bright blue Mediterranean Sea. The pool also has a relaxing whirlpool where you can relax a drink a cocktail in the sun.

The bar has seating in and out of the pool and serves snacks, refreshing drinks and ice-cream. During the summer, the bar offers a variety of fresh salads and grilled meat or fish prepared on the barbecue.

You can organise a private party at the Wardija Pool Bar with tailor-made food menus at various prices to suit any budget.

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